We believe that all businesses should have access to enterprise-grade security, because for too long many small and medium sized businesses have endured excessive cyber risk due to prohibitive costs. We have designed our security services from the bottom up, to provide top end service at an economical price. Combining the best cyber threat intelligence, security operations centres and incident response expertise, brings you a new suite of security services available to you with minimum effort.

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Our vulnerability scanning and cyber threat intelligence services will ensure your organisation can identify, assess and take action on your highest risks.


Our vSOC utilises cutting edge technology and analyst expertise to monitor for malicious cyber security activity within your estate 24/7, cost-effectively creating or extending your cyber security operations.


Our team of analysts utilise the latest security tools, run books and containment practices to ensure that cyber events are mitigated and contained before they escalate to a crisis.


We help you develop a response program using the latest run books with tried and tested processes along with comprehensive periodic stress testing and table top exercises.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our Cyber Threat Analysts are experienced in intelligence gathering across the deep and dark web to help you develop your risk response.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our scanning service is simple to initiate and will ensure you are equipped with a prioritised, actionable list of vulnerable hosts and services.